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Mental, Emotional & Spiritual Support for the Inner Journey


I can provide you with a safe, confidential space to work through whatever is troubling you in your life and to address the underlying issues that might be contributing to recurring problems.

Soul Care

Discover or deepen your spiritual path, and develop practices to help sustain you and bring calm to your daily life. I also offer dreamwork to help you learn to work with your dreams.

Support for New Mums

All sorts of things change when you have a baby, and sometimes this precious time can be one of the hardest you’ve ever faced. Get the support you need so you can become the parent you want to be.

Walk & Talk

I offer some walk and talk sessions. These are otherwise normal sessions that take place outside, usually in Terenure’s beautiful Bushy Park. Sometimes nature is the best healer.

Hi, I’m Margaret.

I’m a psychotherapist, soul care guide and dreamwork coach based in Rathmines, Dublin 6.

I want to help you get past the pressures of daily life, to rediscover the calm, clear and connected person within.

That might mean facing the depression that’s keeping you down, looking at the level of stress and anxiety in your life, or the relationships that aren’t working.

It might mean admitting to that inner longing for a spiritual connection, or using your dreams to boost your intuition and creativity.

You deserve to live a happy, fulfilled and creative life – I want to help you get there.

Can I help?

Your life might not feel very wild or precious at the moment, and that’s understandable.

Sometimes the demands placed on us can just seem too much.

We are building careers, caring for families, tending relationships, pursuing our passions.

We are masters of multi-tasking, and that’s great, but over time, the constant pressure to do – and be – everything can take a toll.

That’s when ‘busy’ can spiral into stressed, anxious, angry, depressed or burned out. If you feel like you’ve lost yourself in the whirl of activity that is modern life, I’m here to help.

Getting Started is Easy


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First Session

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