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 Access your inner wisdom and creativity


We spend up to a third of our lives asleep, and we dream up to six times a night – yet to most of us, our dreams are a mystery.

Your night-time dreams can connect you to your intuition and creative potential, as well as providing insight into unconscious issues and problems.

In a dreamwork coaching session, you bring a dream that you’ve written down, and we’ll work on it together to help you draw out the insight and meaning it holds for you.

Even a dream fragment can yield an astonishing amount of material.

And of course, recurring dreams and nightmares often have the strongest messages of all.

If you don’t remember your dreams, but you’d like to begin to engage with your dream life, make an appointment and we’ll discuss ways you can begin to invite your dreams into your waking consciousness.

See this blog post for tips on how to start remembering and recording your dreams.

Dream Groups

Dream groups can offer a powerful setting for personal insight and growth, as we learn not just from our own dreams but also from the ‘aha moments’ that come as we listen to others.

I facilitate groups of four to six people who want to work together on their dreams. Dream groups are at present offered on request only – contact me for more details.