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Soul Care

Turn inwards to create a richer, deeper connection to life


Have you ever felt that there must be more to life?

There is more to life than the everyday grind.

By seeking out the wisdom of your own soul, and beginning to recognise its unique calling, you can transform your experience and understanding of yourself and your daily life.

Discover or deepen your spiritual path, and develop practices to help sustain you and bring new calm to your everyday experience.

I work mainly with those who identify as spiritual but not necessarily religious.

I will help you uncover your own spiritual path, but I won’t be telling you what that is or should be – because in the deepest, wisest part of yourself, you already know.

My training is as an Anam Cara or non-denominational spiritual director.

While the term was popularised by John O’Donohue, in the Celtic tradition an Anam Cara was one who undertook to accompany another on their spiritual path, to offer support as needed.

I would be honoured to walk your path with you for a while.